Thoughts and tips from your local electrician

As your local electrician i think its a good idea to pass on my thoughts and a few tips that you may find helpful

On time …every time (almost)

One of the most common things I hear from my clients is ” I am so glad you are here on time, the first electrician that I called came 2 hours late ” or even ” didnt turn up at all ” !! It totally amazes me that these other electricians go to the effort […]

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Lighting Design & Installation

One of the most popular and exciting electrical projects home owners contact me about is their lighting requirements. Many of my clients within Cheshire and South Manchester have very specific ideas about how they want their room to look. One of my favourite aspects of being an NAPIT Domestic Electrician is helping my clients achieve […]

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mowing your lawn soon? Read this!

Unless you have had artificial grass installed , its likely that you will be getting your electric mower out around now , but every year i come across people that risk their lives in the pursuit of that perfect patch of green green grass… Many of the blogs that I have written in the past […]

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Electricity, Fire and your Senses

I was called to a job yesterday and found this burnt socket and plug supplying a dishwasher in a cupboard full of old newspapers ….. Use your SENSES and take 15 mins to do the following TOUCH switches, sockets, Lamps, Consumer unit to see if they are HOT SMELL things for a burning or even […]

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Landlords and electrical safety

  Landlords Responsibilities . I carry out electrical works for many landlords in the Manchester and Cheshire areas of and it is a real pleasure to be working with them, in fact I love this area of work as I am ensuring each landlord meets their legal obligations to their tenants and knowing that their […]

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Electrical issues over winter

Electrical Issues at Home. Getting your home prepared for winter is no different than ensuring your car is safe on an icy road. We depend on a safe and reliable electricity supply more than ever in the Winter – many people leave appliances working when they leave for work in the morning – things like […]

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Good vs Bad

  Ever wondered what the difference is? Well, it involves a very simple check, but firstly what other factors should you be looking at before deciding who is a good electrician and who is a bad electrician. The answer is found right at the end of this post (in case you are wondering.) Is is […]

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How are electricians wired ….

In the UK electricians have traditionally gained their initial training and experience like me , through an apprenticeship scheme that combines formal courses and examinations with a period of at least 5 years working under the guidance of other qualified electricians. At the end of the apprenticeship they become fully qualified and some as I […]

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25 yrs and still Proud

Proud to be an Electrician A strange title you may feel but to me this is an all encompassing statement and one which hopefully every electrician will say. But does their work and standards reflect how proud they say they are. I’ve said it before and I will say it again that every electrician is […]

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Protection for you, your family and your home

I really believe that the RCD has been a ground-breaking invention in the electrical industry. Basically speaking an RCD is fitted to a consumer unit (fuse box) and if anything were to malfunction such as a kettle, washing machine or hairdryer then the RCD would activate within less than a second and cut the power! […]

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