Adding and Replacing Plug Sockets

Electrician working at plug socket in a kitchen

Commercial & Industrial

In the modern age we are in now we need more and more plug sockets as businesses are getting more electrical devices that need to be plugged in. Instead of using lots of extension leads, as this could be dangerous, adding additional plug sockets is a safer way to power the additional devices your business needs.

Overloading your sockets with things plugged into an extension lead can increase the risk of a fire happening and can even damage the electronic devices that are plugged in. Having additional plug sockets can make the office safer as there will not be any extension lead wires that could be potential trip hazards for your employees.

Older properties are typically short of plug sockets, or will need replacement plug sockets. If you are expanding your business or just bringing in more electrical equipment, additional plug sockets will be needed to be able to deal with the amount of equipment you have.

Adding a Double Socket

When reviewing your existing sockets and socket requirements it makes sense to convert the sockets that are single sockets to double sockets. This is a simple job as the only dirty work is increasing the size of the hole to be able to fit the new double socket.

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TV and phone sockets

TV & Phone Outlets

Don’t have phone cables trailing across the office or television cables clipped to the walls. SCZ can add all TV and phone outlets neatly into the cavity walls or into the floor to suit your business, making your working environment safer and tidier.