On time …every time (almost)

One of the most common things I hear from my clients is ” I am so glad you are here on time, the first electrician that I called came 2 hours late ” or even ” didnt turn up at all ” !!

It totally amazes me that these other electricians go to the effort and cost of marketing their service and then dont turn up to the appointments that they have arranged.

Now, I am sure these guys are good at their job, but if they cant be trusted to do something simple like being at a pre arranged time and place, can they be trusted to install electrical services in your home… thats how I think anyway!

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Being on time is very, very important to me. I really enjoy running my own business and get great satisfaction from helping people, but I find being late ( and others being late) extremely stressful! Of course I am not perfect and there are times when i get delayed due to traffic or even a job taking a little longer than expected, but on those rare occasions that I am running late, I will call, txt, email, message , infact whatever it takes to keep my clients informed. This is one of the main reasons we take as many contact details as possible when people call us, so we can keep in touch with you throughout the time we are working for you.

So, if your time is valuable ( whose isnt ? ) and good timekeeping is important to you then we could work well together.

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