Lighting For Your Home

SCZ can install any type of Domestic lighting you may need, from garden lighting to kitchen and bathroom lighting. We will offer advice and assist you in choosing which lighting products would best fit your needs.

Grand entrance to a contemporary home in Sale

Grand entrance to a contemporary home in Sale

Outdoor Lighting

Lighting up your home not only helps light the way for you and your visitors but it can also make your home look more spectacular. It can also deter would-be intruders seeing an illuminated house. For more information on security lighting click below.


Garden Lighting

Illuminated Garden by LED Lighting. Backyard Garden at Night Closeup Photo.

Many people like to make use of their gardens, whether to relax or to entertain guests. Garden lighting is not something that should be forgotten about.

Why should I have garden lighting?

  • Highlight key features in your garden
  • Make your garden look creative
  • Turn your garden into a stylish and relaxing place to be

Indoor Lighting

You might be thinking of re-decorating your home, but one part most people will forget about is their lighting, and lighting is quite an important part of the room. The lighting can add another element to your home and be used to highlight key features.

Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom with led lighting

New modern bathroom with led lighting

Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen LED lighting

Kitchen LED lighting

Living Room Lighting

modern interior design (computer generated image 3d)

Living room lighting in Rochdale

Bedroom Lighting

Bedroom light in Prestwich

Bedroom light in Prestwich