Lighting Design & Installation

One of the most popular and exciting electrical projects home owners contact me about is their lighting requirements. Many of my clients within Cheshire and South Manchester have very specific ideas about how they want their room to look.

One of my favourite aspects of being an NAPIT Domestic Electrician is helping my clients achieve their dream of perfect lighting in their home. As a registered electrician and lighting installer in Cheshire and South Manchester, it is my job to ensure that each customer is left with an optimum lighting system both inside and outside their home that they’re 100% happy with.

Lighting installation carried out correctly will transform your home and there is never a better time to do this than following a house rewire or room redecoration.

When planning a lighting project it is best to leave it to a qualified electrician. They will know what bulbs (lamps) will be needed to achieve the desired effect and how many lamps will be required. You will also have the lighting installed to current 17th edition regulations, so using a qualified electrician to carry out this work is a worthy investment. They will also have access to the highest quality and safest lighting available on the market today. Please do not be tempted by cheaper lighting found elsewhere – the end results are often disappointing with inferior light quality and light fittings that need replacing on a regular basis.

Interior lighting is generally trouble free, one of the more challenging aspects of lighting design is outdoor lighting. I have seen outdoor lighting poorly designed to the point where it shines in through neighbouring windows or is triggered by passing pedestrians or is even blinding to passing traffic. In extreme cases neighbours have taken others to court over intrusive lighting. I have also seen lighting which does not switch off in the day and which contain no energy saving lamps!

My electrical tip when thinking about your next lighting design is to use a qualified electrician to install your lighting – this way you will avoid any pitfalls and will stay on good terms with your neighbours. Many of my clients actually save money on their lighting design!!

The most exciting aspect of lighting design is discovering what type of light fitting you are after and what will go with your interior style. I am happy to work with and advise you on this , however ultimately , this aspect is down to your own tastes!

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