Electrical issues over winter

Electrical Issues at Home. Getting your home prepared for winter is no different than ensuring your car is safe on an icy road. We depend on a safe and reliable electricity supply more than ever in the Winter – many people leave appliances working when they leave for work in […]

Good vs Bad

  Ever wondered what the difference is? Well, it involves a very simple check, but firstly what other factors should you be looking at before deciding who is a good electrician and who is a bad electrician. The answer is found right at the end of this post (in case […]

How are electricians wired ….

In the UK electricians have traditionally gained their initial training and experience like me , through an apprenticeship scheme that combines formal courses and examinations with a period of at least 5 years working under the guidance of other qualified electricians. At the end of the apprenticeship they become fully […]

25 yrs and still Proud

Proud to be an Electrician A strange title you may feel but to me this is an all encompassing statement and one which hopefully every electrician will say. But does their work and standards reflect how proud they say they are. I’ve said it before and I will say it […]

Protection for you, your family and your home

I really believe that the RCD has been a ground-breaking invention in the electrical industry. Basically speaking an RCD is fitted to a consumer unit (fuse box) and if anything were to malfunction such as a kettle, washing machine or hairdryer then the RCD would activate within less than a […]